Sea Legs

Now I can take

Longer strokes

And can draw

Bigger breaths

Perhaps one day

I’ll swim away

And escape

These murky depths


It must
be so easy
for you

your life
as you do

But spare a
thought for
the likes of me

Who drown
in a sea of

(Originally Posted 23.02.2020)

Rising Above

Nobody ever did throw that lifeline

So I learned to swim on my own

It was better that way

Than to wait for the day

When I wouldn’t be alone

Loving You…

Feels like I’ve been thrown
Into the loch
The freezing water
Sucking me down
With no one on land
To throw me a lifeline

(Originally posted 03.03.2019)


There is no better place.
Those we love don’t walk beside us.
There are no other rooms.
You will stand at that grave and weep.
There are more than five stages.
There are more than two parts.
Tears are not silent.
There is no peace or comfort to find.
Time heals nothing.
You’ll always walk alone.

And grief is like a fucking tsunami,
so good luck learning to swim in that.


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