It Comes To Us All


They said

Do you have to be so fucking dramatic

One day you will feel the same

She said

When you experience something as tragic

The Double Bed

It’s been so quiet

Since you left

All I hear

Is my own breath

As I lie here alone

And wait for death

(Originally Posted 25.09.2020)

From Each Perspective

I was just trying

He said

To force your hand

I never wanted to leave

I didn’t want to lose face

She said

Or wear my heart

On my sleeve

We just wish

They said

You’d told us the truth

Instead of making us believe

That you wanted to be with us

They said

When all that time

We were being decieved


You said
you wanted
to leave

And I
didn’t ask
you to stay

So now
we lie to
someone else

And that’s
the price
we pay

(Originally Posted 23.08.2019)

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