I often wonder

Reading back

Just who these people are

As their conversations

And confrontations

Make up some of my best work by far

Help Me

I never used to be like this

She said

I actually used to be brave

What was it that happened to you

He asked

So much so that you would cave

The world happened

She replied

But you wouldn’t understand

Why don’t you try me

He implored

As he reached for her hand

(Originally Posted 19.07.2019)


This could well be the inception

Of all those he said/she said pieces

And due to its reception

They’re now part of my ongoing thesis

The Deep

Do you think
we’ll make it
out alive,
she said,
hoping for
the truth.

I’m sure that
we’ll be fine,
he said,
with the
of youth.

(Originally Posted 08.07.2019)

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