From The Back Row

Crying because I was happy

Crying because I was sad

Crying because I had lost

The best friend I’d ever had

Joy and Sadness

the urge
to cry
is futile.

(Originally Posted 24.05.2019)


Off on
my travels

Hoping to
find some

Perhaps I’ll
meet someone

And this
heartache will

Wedding Bells

Who knows
what will happen
when I get there.

Who knows
what will happen
along the way.

What I do know
is that you
won’t be there.

And my tears
will fall
all day.

Wedding Days

Out of everyone, I am happy for both of you the most.

I wish you love, health and happiness for the rest of your years together.

You deserve it.

My dreams have long since faded, but I hope I last long enough to see you make yours a reality.

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