He never did finish that sentence

Or did he help me to fly

He soon did away with the pretence

And left me high and dry

Learning to Fly

I don’t
I can


(Originally Posted 10.09.2019)

The Eclipse

It happened quite by accident

As when she left the tent that morning

There was no way she could have known

That a whole new era was dawning

But as they both sat drinking wine

With their connection forming

She began to realise, at last,

Her heart was capable of rewarming

The Lost (We)ekend

know how
we got here

we are

just make
the best of it

we have
to reassess

(Originally Posted 09.09.2020)

High School English Teachers

I remember everything about you

Your cardigan, glasses and quiff

If you weren’t so much older

Maybe I’d have been bolder

And asked you out forthwith

Last Chance

Despite my
to the
it has
been you.

Why not
meet me
at the
and I’ll make
your dreams
come true.

(Originally Posted 19.08.2019)

TDK D90 (Both Sides)

It took me so long

To make that mix tape

And then

You just threw it away

So I’ll never

Make you another one


My dying day

‘Bought On Stolen Wine…’

All of

Sat in
your room

of us

in gloom

(Originally Posted 10.07.2020)

The Best Confirmation Name Ever

Patrick James ‘Judas’ Brady
Oh what can I say about you

One of the first boys I ever loved
That is most certainly true

We only had one night together
And you returned from whence you came

But after our briefest of interludes
I never saw cricket the same way again

Random #8

Sitting on a wall with Judas dressed in cricket whites

I guess we’ll never know


(Originally Posted 07.03.2019)

Random #161

‘And if you’re in love
Then you are the lucky one
‘Cause most of us are bitter
Over someone
Setting fire to our insides for fun
To distract our hearts
From ever missing them
But I’m forever missing him

And you caused it…’

‘Half The World Away’

Life would have been so different

Had you never moved away

We could still be together now

Enjoying every day

But that’s not what happened, is it?

When you fucked off and left

Saying that you needed more

Couldn’t stand to feel oppressed

Well I’m glad things worked out for you

That all your stars aligned

But what I cannot ever forgive

Is that you left me behind

‘Back To The Old House’

The hairdressers who first permed my hair

The record shop that’s no longer there

The place the first ring pierced my nose

The stall that sold those second hand clothes

The school that taught me how to grow

The man who showed me all I know

The pub I was in every Saturday night

The doorway where I held you tight

The café where I laughed and cried

The club where I danced eyes open wide

The hospital visit that left a scar

The venue where I lost my bra       

For all the hours spent here

Both good and bad

I know they were the best

I’ve ever had

The Auld Hoose

They were the glory days

Although we didn’t know it then

Oh, how I’d love to go back

And do it all again

With you

My Younger Self

If I spent time with my younger self, what would I say?

Well done for putting up with this bullshit every day

If I spent time with my younger self, what would I see?

A weary acceptance that life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

If I spent time with my younger self, what would I feel?

An overwhelming sadness that time will never heal

If I spent time with my younger self, what would I do?

Tell them to pack a bag and run away with you

(Originally Posted 24.07.2019)

‘And then you spoke to me and said…’

You spoke to me without being forced.
You said my full name, without being told what it was.
You looked at me.

I was happy just to see you.
Being in the same building as you again sent chills
down my spine and welled tears in my eyes.
I had recognised your presence and then let it go.
Like always.

But you took it further, this time.
You spoke to me without being forced.
You said my full name, without being told what it was.
You looked at me.

I could not believe what was happening.
My foolish response - 'Wow, you know my name' -
swirling in the air around us,
choking me with its embarrassment.
You smiled your vacant smile.
You muttered something and walked away.

Words cannot describe how I felt.
You spoke to me without being forced.
You said my full name, without being told what it was.
You looked at me.

It made it all seem worthwhile.
The years of following you. The years of obsession.
You spoke to me.

I had to get another drink and light a cigarette.
So, I noticed, did you.

When you spoke to me that second time,
I don't think I was present.
I had seen you walking in my direction,
but I had ceased to exist.
You said 'I see you all the time at parties,
but I never get a chance to talk to you'.
I drowned in the ecstasy of your words,
and further still when you said 'See you soon'.

Those three words gave me so much hope.
Hope I never had before.
Not even after the notes...

For the rest of the night I watched you, watching me.
At least I pretended not to watch you,
pretending not to watch me.

But I was so happy.  Elated in fact.
You had spoken to me without being forced.
You said my full name without being told what it was.
You looked at me.

When you left the room, and I watched you go,
you didn't just take your pretty little head with you.
You took a piece of me too.
A piece of me that will be with you always,
and lost to me...

For MR

(Originally Posted 03/03/2019)


That Summer

That summer with you was glorious.

I was young, fearless and eager to learn.

You were older, wiser and willing to teach.

I can still recall that first night. You grabbed my hand and whispered ‘Come with me’.

We sailed past the doormen and into the club. I remember that heady mix of beer in plastic glasses, cigarette smoke and pounding bass lines in darkened alcoves.

We danced all night as those songs played and we lost ourselves in each other.

That summer was twenty two years ago, but it feels like it was yesterday.

Thank You.

For JH.

(Originally Posted 24.03.2019)

Timerous Beasties

I picture

I see

that old
oak tree

a book

on your

of us


Passing Notes in Class 6GA

I think we should stop seeing each other.

I can’t stop thinking that something is going to go wrong and we are going to get found out. I feel so much guilt about what we’ve been doing – it’s not fair on her, you or me. It’s not right that we have to keep our relationship a secret. It means I cannot let you get close to me and you deserve more than that. You need someone who can show off what a brilliant guy you are. Not someone who has to hide you away. Like me.

I want you to know that the times we have shared have been really special to me. I’ve enjoyed every second I’ve spent with you and that’s what makes this so much harder. But it has to be done. Although it kills me to say it: we cannot carry on. I love you with all my heart but putting an end to this now will be the best thing for us both in the long run.

I’ll never forget our time together. I’ll treasure the memories of our clandestine meetings forever.

Please don’t forget me. I know I’ll never forget you.

I’m sorry.

Random #8

Sitting on a wall with Judas dressed in cricket whites

I guess we'll never know



Who knows why I do these things.
Even I don't know why I do these things!
I know they are stupid, pathetic and immature.
And yet I still do them.

I ruin peoples lives.
I fuck up people's lives because my life is fucked up too.
It's like a revenge I love to wreak, but feel guilty about,
later. When it's over.

I just don't understand myself.
I make these things happen.
I lure people into my trap, spit them out
and then ignore the consequences.
Sometimes I wonder why I drink too much, smoke too much
and delve into substance abuse...

It's to cheat myself from the truth.

I am a fuck up.
I am a fuck up who fucks up other people's lives,
just for the fucking sake of it.

You have no idea how bored I have become.
Of fucking that is.

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