for the
rain to

I don’t
want to
see another

seem fair

For I’ve
spent so
long doing
my hair

13 thoughts on “Vanity

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  1. Ahhh….I put a wee bit too much ‘slick’ on this ‘shit’…..up in a bun and it’s not like i’m going to be seeing anyone….I think i’ll never cover my mirrors w/brown paper sacks…..hmm…..

    Shit….I am lavishly bathing in the magical smoke that gives some of us hope…..cleaned a bit feeling spry & akin….not such a stranger in this pain skin…..I’d give you a splice of this if I could because the disconnect is the worst feeling as of yet…and I’m not talking emotionally numb…but straight up dumb…. [hugs my flowic human one] …shit… I’m never good at good-byes…cause there isn’t ever one….not that this virus of consciousness knows….it just spreads and grows in the direction we are most exposed…….I’ve been uprooted….relishing in vinegar dries the eyes…..far from numb but far from dumb….I hope to enjoy whatever years are to come……[hugs]

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