into the


But we
will never
give in



Yet hopeful
we can
still win

18 thoughts on “Independence

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  1. Just occurred to me I can read the tags to see what you’re on about :D. I only just started reading on a computer screen a few days ago after reading on my phone, now I have wifi.

    Whilst Brexit is not ideal, I think there is a consensus added push to try to make it work. And at the end of the day still a lot to be thankful for, though I know it affects people unevenly.

    Love is the Universal Credit for unemployed hearts πŸ’™.

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    1. I wish I knew what I was on about half the time!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Yes, this was one of a few that is overtly political.
      It could have been much more scathing.
      Yet each to their own, I guess.
      Don’t be surprised if I steal the last line of your comment.
      ‘Love is the Universal Credit for unemployed hearts’ is a cracking line πŸ–€πŸ–€


    1. Ah, how you are right my friend!!

      This was written with governmental politics in mind but, realistically, I suppose it fits the ‘politics’ of many situations – including relationship breakdown.

      I’m glad you found meaning and enjoyed it too.

      Thank you πŸ–€

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