What if
the new

now I
feel on

if I’d
to stay
this way

to go

11 thoughts on “Hermitry

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  1. Are you feeling happier overall? Well that’s good! You’ll have to become like Ashley Leia.

    Have you been able to work from home to some extent? (I really don’t know what your job involves! And my memory is shocking).

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    1. I don’t know about happier overall, but I’ve certainly been glad of quite a few changes that have been forced upon us this last wee while. Mainly just being able to spend so much time alone and able to take the world on at my own pace.

      I’m lucky to have had a mix of being at work and working from home which, anxiety about avoiding Covid aside, has been a good balance for me. I’d like to keep that when we ‘go back to normal’ but it most likely won’t happen due to issues outwith my control.

      I think it’s the thought of having to go back to putting in so much energy to fit in with neurotypicals that I find daunting… 🤔🖤

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      1. Ah! Ok, that makes sense :). Seems my intuition was quite accurate. I think if you’d not been working at all, or from home the whole time, it would’ve shown more in your writing :D.

        Well, 2 things about that!

        1) You should get an autism diagnosis and request/demand this change as an accommodation! 😉

        2) We ain’t going back to normal any time soon, if at all! 😆

        It’s kind of win-win for you, really. Covid disappearing would be good, but also so would it sticking around. Well that’s my glass-half-full look at it!

        Man, I just recently discovered that PIP mobility assessments are now being done over the phone! Plus I haven’t had to go into the jobcentre for all of this time. So I’m quite enjoying the changes too! Society needs covid, haha. Autistic Britain.

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        1. Indeed it was 👍

          I’m glad someone sees their glass as half full. I smashed mine sometime ago 😉

          Hope your PIP assessment progresses well. Hopefully not having to deal with all that bureaucracy face to face will smooth the waters somewhat 👍🖤

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          1. Hahaha! Well, to be more precise, my bamboo cup is half-full 😉😉.

            Thanks! Hopefully!

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