When Admission Isn’t Free

Is this all I am to you

Just an object in a cage

Here only to be gawped at

Never allowed to engage

Well let me tell you something

That I know to be true

How from my prison I can see

The only animal here is you

24 thoughts on “When Admission Isn’t Free

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  1. Once in my travels, I chanced upon a dragon
    chained to a log right next to a cabin.
    I released her, high she did soar.
    I teared, knowing I would see her no more
    Now she perches on my shoulder
    Free to go, as she pleases. Occasionally, she flies and lands on highest boulder, she pecks at my noggin, how she gently teases.
    The pentameter is bad, message oh so clear, release the winged ones and they soar ever near.

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  2. Ah, the truth as seen when your eyes are opened. Very nice, TLC! It reminded me of this exchange in one of mu favorite movies, โ€œTheKing of Heartsโ€
    โ€œBrother, yesterday
    you were in an asylum!

    Are you jealous?

    And you, Mr. King, yesterday…

    you were outside
    with ”the others.”โ€

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      1. Thanks for the great poem! ๐Ÿ‘ I watch the movie every couple of years. It is still relevant and funny. I prefer the subbed version to the dubbed. I hope you can find it. ๐Ÿ˜

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