This type of positive sentiment

Is all well and good

But it’s of no use

When you cannot produce

The feelings others say you should

The (Not So) Funny Man

‘A day without laughter is a day wasted…’

Oh just fuck off Charlie,

Life’s far more complicated.

(Originally Posted 18.11.2019)

Sown Shut

You’re in a safe space here

She said

I’ve helped people like you before

The only reason that worked

She said

Is because they wanted to talk

The Rebuttal

about me


Now fuck
off and
leave me

(Originally Posted 15.11.2019)

Same Shit, Different Idiots

Because your love was strong

He said

You can feel like that again

I’m afraid this time you’re wrong

She said

You’re talking bullshit, friend

Conversations with Idiots

‘It’s better
to have
loved and lost
than never to
have loved
at all’

‘You really
should just
shut your mouth
as, honestly,
you know
fuck all’

(Originally Posted 06.05.2019)

Sickly Sweet

Oh isn’t young love a dream

Isn’t it so fucking cute

Like a cat who got all the cream

Reading this, I want to puke


Tell me your favourite song
And I’ll play it.

Show me your favourite book
And I’ll read it.

Tell me your favourite film
And I’ll watch it.

Show me your favourite shirt
And I’ll wear it.

Tell me I’m your favourite
And I’ll love you.


(Originally Posted 18.04.2019)

Access Denied

What I have

Is not for you

It is mine and mine alone

If you want

What I have got

Fuck off and find your own

Well Meaning

I was thinking

Earlier on today

How it really

Would be nice

To go at least

One day


Your bullshit advice

The High Road

You can fuck off now

I’ve had enough

I no longer care

For this selfish stuff

But you should know

And I mean to be blunt

Maybe I wasn’t always right

But you were always a cunt

Sylvia’s Sister

Maybe I’ll drink until I’m sick

Maybe I’ll dance like a prick

Maybe I’ll smoke ten to the dozen

Maybe I’ll put my head in the oven

Either way one thing is true

It’s got fuck all to do with you

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