Robbed of what’s right
You certainly have been
Hard to believe
It’s not because of your skin

As corruption and greed
Handed your rival the win
With no case left to plead
You took it on the chin

You deserve better

The Godless Ones

Some find it easier to deify

Rules bestowed from up high

And trust in his miraculous plan

But I feel it wiser

To be your own advisor

Than rely on the thoughts of a man

Unknown Rules

The more I try to join in
The more it seems
Love is a game
No one taught me
How to play

(Originally Posted 01.06.2019)

Limbo Affects Lives (1pm)

Let us out

Or lock us in

It doesn’t matter

You’ll never win

For some won’t be told

What to do

You can talk and talk

‘Til your face is blue

But what would help

Is to make a decision

Perhaps then a plan

Would meet less derision

For every day you’re spending

Pissing about like a prick

Lives are needlessly ending

And some don’t give a shit

So come on Boris

Give the public what they want

Just do the job we all pay you for

You fucking fumbling cunt

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