The Self Pity Party

So many nights I’ve cried,

Feeling dead inside,

Whilst wrestling with my neurosis.

I can’t help but discern,

Despite all your supposed care and concern,

That you haven’t even noticed.


I woke
up crying
again today

So much so
I struggled
to breathe

How much
longer must
I endure this?

When is
there an end
to this grief?


I got
bored of
this shit
a long
time ago

tales of
and woe

With eyes
that burn
from the
tears that

I loathe
more than
ever know


missed you
again today

else had
gone away

And it was
just me
here alone

Crying for
the love
I had once

The Back of the Wardrobe

I foolishly
made a

I opened
the box
I’d hidden

Where the
memories of
my life
are kept

Along with
all the silent
tears I’ve

You Know Nothing

I do not want your pity.

Your sympathy is of no use.

I care nothing for your tears,

as your grief is just an excuse.

A Thousand Years

I could wait
for a
thousand years
and it
would still
be too tough.

I could sleep
for a
thousand years
and it
would never
be enough.

I could cry
for a
thousand years
and it
would still
hurt too much.

Grey Days

I love
on grey days.

The raindrops
land on my face
and mingle with
my tears,

Hiding them
from prying

Never Stop

If I turn on the tap,
it’ll never stop flowing.

If I turn on the rage,
it’ll never stop glowing.

If I turn on my mind,
it’ll never stop knowing.

If I turn on my grief,
it’ll never stop showing.

It will never stop,
this seed I am sewing.


It’s when it comes from nowhere,
that’s the worst.

The hysterical sobs that hit without warning.

When I’m driving and our song comes on the radio.
When a letter arrives and it’s addressed to you.
When I find a pair of your socks in my drawer.

My throat constricts,
as my lungs compress.

My stomach lurches,
as my heart laments.

And my eyes burn as I drown, slowly, in my own tears.

How Much

It’s unmanageable, how much I grieve for you.

It’s uncomfortable, how much I can’t move on.

It’s unsettling, how much I hate you for leaving me.

It’s undignified, how much I cry for you.

It’s unbearable, how much I still love you.


There is no better place.
Those we love don’t walk beside us.
There are no other rooms.
You will stand at that grave and weep.
There are more than five stages.
There are more than two parts.
Tears are not silent.
There is no peace or comfort to find.
Time heals nothing.
You’ll always walk alone.

And grief is like a fucking tsunami,
so good luck learning to swim in that.


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