Learning to Fly

she said,
I don’t
I can

trust me,
he said,
I’ve got
a plan

10 thoughts on “Learning to Fly

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      1. Very much wistful…..

        …..it’s what has been fed, lies, that keeps these eyes so dry
        Yet, your words breathe of a new life
        ….Is bitterness the loss of all hope?
        …..trying to cope?
        Carried along, too long & ruptured to seed?
        Whirling off on the breath of a zephyr……deep inside me

        sorry I got carried away (smirk)

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          1. boo hisssssssss……..u muster to manage quite well in expelling the awake’ness of living where we dwell. Be it in our hearts or depths of hell……words are our masters of this fate.. …..it’s what we choose to display (& w/whom…haha). Lyrical beauty is in the eye of the mind…..and decisions made over time. Your art, is to stir, a unique’lly beautiful story to unfold….solely you~ I love reading each word gifted from you! Thank yoU!!!!!!!


              1. my lunacy is troubling me…..pain & me don’t typically agree …still reeling & not sure where to spin….deep w/in seems safest but history to repeat doesn’t seem like where I want to go….fuck it…..i’ll grow!!! Thank you for being that heart to listen to this aging woman’s hand…I can honestly say I didn’t “realize” -LONE(singLY)- until passing that kidney stone. I shit you not, all puns intended. Thank you for crossing this path….Much love & ladybugs!! (I’ll hush up)….ty

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