(In) Tense

If only you would
If only you wouldn’t

If only you could
If only you couldn’t

If only I did
If only I didn’t

If only I had
If only I hadn’t

9 thoughts on “(In) Tense

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      1. I think laughing is the best sensation in the world…..If the most tragic can be flipped humors [in our very own still space/mind]….then why not more often until the pain subsides (or dies)? Goal set….Laugh as much as possible …. I mean, like totally (80’s tone), belly laugh…..can it be forced or faked [[feel about as good as a faked orgasm ‘eh? lol]]……….is there any process (during the act) of any thinking of thought; in fact??? How do we test that???

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  1. Oh…please remind me why it wasn’t appropriate to tell the blind woman…when nothing is left just laugh? Her response….”Or cry”…..I said, Why? It’s all ready painful enough…I spy!

    My ignorance is definitely in “attention” which follows along w/ “listening”….If I listened to myself, as much as i talk, I’d be much further ahead….(a-head: ergo ego—) hahahah….entertainment is a pleasure…if it’s to please, the pain I can do w/out gleefully?!? Today the pain is a dull roar…down kitty down! Going to venture out …wish me luck (or yuck). HAHA….

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      1. oh, it lulled & did a jig wish they’d uncover what was happening before the birth of these kidney stones…Haha….ahh…the release, even tho slight, is still a sigh of relief! Time to make dinner….i hear others still like to eat!?!?!

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