If I
called you
at midnight


you hear
my plight?

Or hand
me the

24 thoughts on “Frenemies

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  1. Depends on the effort put …..can’t answer a line w/the end being of a sharp hook.

    Whispering my name into the wind isn’t going to awaken me my friend…

    Wishing I’d known, but as always …..I’ll build the fire for the smoke signal to rise higher….you are more than welcome to come warm your hands by the flames of my heart…..Until you find your way…no swinging from a noose today…..

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      1. No worries….I’ve always been a play thing for the temporary esteem…..Now, i have fallen & go unseen….that’s the repayment of being a plaything…..It wasn’t the I could never commit…it’s the fact that I see their paths and don’t want to hinder it….blessings in knowing where you fit.

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