A Change Is As Good As A Rest


with it a
new look

I hope
that you
like it

how fucking
long it took

8 thoughts on “A Change Is As Good As A Rest

      1. Haha, everybody left you hanging xD. Yeah you did well, that stuff is a pain! Nice, the Highlands are so recognisable, unique place. Amazing roads. Glencoe?

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        1. I know! 😂

          To be fair it was actually quite interesting to re read some earlier stuff whilst recatergorising and see how much things have / haven’t changed! 👍

          Yeah, the Highlands are amazing. This was taken quite a way further up the west coast from Glencoe – nearer to Ullapool. Absolutely stunning landscape to escape to… 🖤🖤

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          1. Haha!

            Yeah! I was doing the same thing recently :). They’re a really valuable record. Depressing when you see how long bad stuff has lasted though lol.

            I drove along that bit too once, two years ago! Stopped off in Ullapool for some food. My photo was taken in Orkney 😀. Can’t wait to go back up there 🙂

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