The Water Cooler

If only
I could

we could
be friends

But in
fact you
bore me

So I
pray this

27 thoughts on “The Water Cooler

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  1. I know on this you weren’t talking about me ( sorry itΒ΄s my ego narcissist self-hence I think everything revolves around me or maybe that was my crazy ex girlfriend….),
    IΒ΄m un-dull like your poems

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  2. I had a weird dΓ©ja vu with this poem, for some reason! Which is funny given the topic.

    You know what, I hated this too when I worked in a company. Do you know what I did? I developed a knack for quickly turning the conversation to cosmology, philosophy or other random scientific subjects πŸ˜†. Perhaps I should work where you work!

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    1. Oh just missed the chance for a phrase I’ve been planning to use! DΓ©jΓ  lu!

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