I wish
I could


But I
fear they
were just
a lie

For I

time in
my life

When I
to die

22 thoughts on “‘Twilight’

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    1. Haha, not at all. At least I hope not – I’ve never see any of the films (or read the books) to say for sure.

      The ‘Twilight’ here was just a bit of an in joke to amuse myself really.

      It goes back to a British TV show from the late 1990’s in which one of the characters agrees with his friend that his ‘safe word’ for needing help to get him out of a bad date was ‘Twilight’.

      You know what they say… Small things and all that! 😂🖤

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      1. Unfortunately I’ve been made to watch all the films. I attempted the first book. I found it hard to get into the mind of a 16yo neurotic mess. Quit 100 pages in, which I still consider a victory in persistence.
        Part of the fun of writing is the in jokes and Easter eggs which are mostly for the writer lol I do it a lot.
        I have an extensive knowledge of English sitcoms but that doesn’t ring any bells.
        As an insecure man, yes, I’ve heard the small things remark often 😏💚

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        1. I had enough getting into the mind of a 16yo neurotic mess when I was one, so well done for persisting!

          This particular egg was a line from (the original) ‘Queer As Folk’ – pretty sure I could still repeat that whole series verbatim. Loved it at the time.

          And as for ‘small things’ – I’m not sure if it matters after reading your last poem! *wipes brow*

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          1. Thank you. I still list it as one of the greatest achievements of my life.

            I remember Queer As Folk. Good show. Clearly I don’t remember as well as you.

            Thank you. I manage 😉
            Different subject matter for me, something I should practice more often 💚

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  1. One thing is that you cannot recall
    good old days full of happiness
    another thing that might be a lie
    is that this pain in your life is endless
    going through this world fighting
    and perceiving everything senseless
    to be happy we start by being grateful
    don’t pursue it by being relentless.

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