this is
all I

And I

has to
be paid

my love
I swore

4 thoughts on “Absolution

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  1. As a student of theology and Biblical languages, the idea of penance drives me crazy. It was a bad translation of the original Greek that made absolution into something its not.

    But as poetry (and potentially as a personal story for you or someone you know), this is a well written and reflective piece.

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    1. Thank you my friend.
      You’re too kind as always.

      I’m not an exponant the reward / penance mindset either. I may have a wee penchant for karmic theory, if anything, but I would have to bow to your superior knowledge on all things theological.

      This was, as you identify, simply a case where a modern understanding of the words fit the overall tone of the peice.

      I hope anyway… 🖤

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      1. I hope I didn’t come across as attacking you. You definitely have the correct definition/understanding of the English word which did fit the tone of the piece. No issue there 🙂

        The original Greek word is more in line with repenting and not “doing penance”. I won’t fill your comment section with the difference between the two definitions (there’s quite a bit.) So I certainly can’t blame you for something some translators messed up on 😆

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        1. You didn’t come across that way at all my friend.

          I have never felt attacked by any of your comments – even those in response to some of my more deliberately provocative rants on organised religion.

          I’m all up for healthy conversations / debates / philosophising of any kind as, at the end of day, we’re all just guessing anyway…

          Glad I got the literal definition/understanding of the word right though. Not doing that would have wounded me more than anything! 🤪🖤


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