‘All Apologies’

One down,

A thousand to go.

This shit is harder

Than it looks,

You know.


11 thoughts on “‘All Apologies’

Add yours

    1. Post number 1000 all ready to go and scheduled for tomorrow evening.

      Can’t quite believe I’ve made it to that many posts to be honest.

      I can only predict a decrease in whatever quality there was from here on in…

      Be great if you stuck with me though…
      Feels like you’ve been with me since day one! 👍


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      1. Congratulations! Unbelievable feat.

        I know what you mean. 1000 seems like such a daunting amount.

        Is that a prediction or an admission? 😜 I doubt you would allow such a thing.

        I’m not going anywhere 😉💚

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