11 thoughts on “Recalcitrant

  1. YES!

    Although recalcitrant is optimistic!!

    My arrogant housemate can still be heard running up and down the stairs, out the front door, and coming in with friends at various times. He must have a genuine learning disability.

    But I had a LOOONG email back from my council support personβ€” all very positive and replying to all the stuff in my emails. Including:

    “but I think you may be better suited to living independently – what do you think? We can make this our goal to work towards together, if you agree and would like to?”

    Ab-so-fucking-lutely and ab-so-fucking-lutely! 😁

    Still just waiting on that government bill to pass through the Lords, then…back on the ringer to the coppers!!

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    1. This isn’t being recalcitrant though, this is just idiocy on their part 😞

      Chuffed about your housing proposal though – that’s amazing!! Here’s hoping that comes to fruition ASAP!! πŸ‘πŸ–€

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      1. Yeah…

        That was what I meant btwβ€” I meant to say that them being recalcitrant is an optimistic thought, lol. They will just be uncomfortable and indignant, once they get their fines. The fines are only Β£30 though!!

        Thanks! Yeah, it is! I’m going to reply to her soon, it’s a long email lol. I’ll keep you updated!

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