is so
hard to

life is
the goal?

Just shut
the fuck up
and stay
at home

and utter

4 thoughts on “Instructions

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  1. Keep your distance, wash your hands, don’t bleat. We respect your right to be bullied, cajoled – treated like idiots. Good sheep. We are strong; you will be meek. Lie down; think of us who cut the NHS, Social Care, Education; who murdered faith in public service. Do as you’re told, or else your neighbours will fill in a form and email the police. We are in exStasi…

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  2. Yep! 👍. Cannot be said enough!!

    I don’t understand why the government is so afraid of enforcing it, especially in those most blatant and idiotic cases.

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  3. Symptomatic of a society that has been neglected in favour of profiteering. So the only answer is “enforcement”….pathetic. We’re going to punish the whole school, because the boys in Year 9 bunked for a beer and a smoke? It is how prefects behave…not grown ups. When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing left to lose.’

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