I sit and wonder

If the weather today

Will be any less shit

Than before

Oh, who am I kidding

The clouds are forbidding

So it’s obvious

What’s in store

21 thoughts on “Preoccupation

  1. Honestly I’ve given up. Can’t count the sunny mornings I wasn’t able to get outside because of various things. Then whenever I’m up at 6 it’s just cloudy as shit and cold. In general though I’ve noticed that mornings are much sunnier everywhere in the UK.

    Right now It’s very sunny and I’ve been trying to get out before it clouds over…oop, nope it just clouded over 😏. I recently collected some insane stats comparing last May to thisβ€”

    May 2020 was the driest May on record and the sunniest OVERALL month on record.

    “May 2020 was the sunniest month on record ever, with 266 hours of sunshine, this year we had only seen 34 hours til May 12”

    May 2021 is on track to be the wettest May on record.

    Last May we were locking down…this May opening up. LOL. Remember all the nutters at Dumble Door every other weekend? LOL

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