Our Father

I no longer go to confession

For who is He

To mete out my punishment?

As if in just one session

There could possibly be

Anything close to moral replenishment

Hail Mary

You’d think
now I
have more
time on
my hands

I’d be
about the
future and
making plans

Yet I
sit here
dwelling on
that one

it’s too
late now
give my

(Originally Posted 07.04.2020)

‘Meat Is Murder’

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed

Your murdered bird

I can’t think of anything

More absurd

Than to eat your friends

On Christmas Day

Proclaiming such abuse

As the Christian way


Never more than when

I’m in a room full of people

Do I feel most alone

All I want to do is beat

A slow, silent, steady retreat

And find my sanctuary at home

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