Never more than when

I’m in a room full of people

Do I feel most alone

All I want to do is beat

A slow, silent, steady retreat

And find my sanctuary at home

15 thoughts on “Sanctuary

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      1. I meant you go home when they start playing that at the party/gathering… πŸ˜….

        I may have thought that was a good game, except for the first time I ever experienced it, I saw a joke about Madeleine McCann. And I thoughtβ€” that’s fucked up. I take that kind of stuff really personally since growing up with my younger bro, and at the time he was still quite young :\.

        It’s a shame because the rest of the game is probably fineβ€” but that one thing has turned me off it! I would probably agree to play it if I could take that one card out to start with.

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