I’ve never been one

For writing pretty

As you can probably tell

From this little ditty






(Originally Posted 22.11.2019)

Go Well My Friend

Go well my friend

Into the night

Through the darkness

To find the light

The Trade Off

It’s with a heavy heart

And a mournful sigh

That the time has come

To say our goodbye

I’m eternally grateful

For all you have done

For you soothed my pain

And left me with none

(Originally Posted 20.09.2019)

At The End Of The Day

I hope never again

To find myself

Walking along this path

I’ve been through such a lot

That I’m pretty much shot

So I doubt I would make it back

Depression (Part 2)

Eat until you’re sick
Snap until you bruise
Run until you’re limp
Drink a shit load of booze

Spend until you’re skint
Sleep until you’re sore
Cry until you’re empty
Sleep around like a whore

Shout until you’re hoarse
Cut until you bleed
Work until you drop
Smoke a shedload of weed

Lie until you’re spent
Smile until you’re alone
Write until you’re wrung
Forget all you’ve ever known

(Originally Posted 15.07.2019)

To Be Implored

Come once more

Into the darkness

Where we fellow heathens dwell

We’ll speak of our ills

And contemplate our thrills

As we cast out our spell

End Credits

Is that
it now


Can we
go back?

As I want
nothing more

Than to fade
to black

(Originally Posted 26.04.2020)

The Restoration

It’s sad to think

I was on the brink

With thoughts so dark

Back then

At least now

I feel better, somehow

So won’t need that knife


Cards On The Table

So this is
what it
amounts to

All I have
to show for
my life

Do you

I can’t
be arsed

just pass me
the knife

(Originally Posted 26.03.2020)

The Guardian

It does not matter

What I am

It said

From the end of the bed

Just trust that I know

What’s for the best

And I won’t let you

Be misled

On Burrafirth

Standing here at midnight

On these old viking grounds

Not so much

In awe of the lights

But more the darkness

That surrounds

Random #150

“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”

– Carl Jung


I did love someone once

She was beautiful inside and out

The life and soul of the party

Her passion never in doubt

But one day she grew cold

And her light began to fade

So now I no longer love her

Because of who it was she betrayed

A Full Refund

Once upon a time

When I was ill

I truly believed

That this was it

I couldn’t see

Anything else for me

But another day

Drowning in shit

But now life is better

I have found

And I can finally

See a plan

So it is time

To return that rope

As quickly

As I can

Putting It Bluntly

I’ll say

I felt better

In the end

But the honest truth

Is that

The only reason

I didn’t jump

That day

Is there’d be no one

To feed my cat

The End Of The Road

Pretending gets tiring

After a while

So in the end you stop

With no cylinders left firing

And an inibility to smile

It’s back up to that rooftop

The Noose Tightens

Today has
been like
a brick wall

I didn’t
see this
one coming
at all

I’ve done
has made me
feel worse

I cannot
shrug this

It feels
to say

But I
really don’t
think there’s
another way

All that
to me now
is that rope

As finally
it seems I’ve
all hope

(Originally Posted 21.08.2019)

Try Harder Next Time

The monster who lives

Under my bed

Whispers again

Why aren’t you dead

Berating me

For writing instead

When all the time

That rope’s still in the shed

The Hangman

I really
try my
best to
cope and
not just
sit around
and mope
but as
time moves
on I
know there’s
no hope
I can
forget the
past and
avoid the
rope that
whispers my

(Originally Posted 02.07.2019)


‘Choppy waters ahead, Captain, but I see dry land on the horizon’.

‘Drop anchor here then, Sailor, for I’d prefer to die in the storm’.

(Originally Posted 27.03.2019)

The Darkness

The darker nights 
Are drawing in,
Not least those
In my heart.

I should stop
Drinking bathtub gin,
Now that would
Be a start.

(Originally Posted 09.04.2019)

Even My Tissues Have Issues

Will there ever come a day

When I won’t feel so sad

What the hell did I do

That was so fucking bad

All I ever wanted

Was to live a life free from pain

And yet it seems I am destined

To walk forever in the rain

How Long Has It Been Now?

From this cold embittered heart

I just cannot be prised apart

Like a leech on an open wound

Oh, is there any hope for me

From the past to be set free

And to love again become more attuned?


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