How Long Has It Been Now?

From this cold embittered heart

I just cannot be prised apart

Like a leech on an open wound

Oh, is there any hope for me

From the past to be set free

And to love again become more attuned?


13 thoughts on “How Long Has It Been Now?

    1. You’re right my friend.
      Living with trauma is certainly all about finding new ways to co-exist with your pain.

      Some things though are much harder to let go of… And that’s even saying you want to I guess 🖤🖤🖤


  1. I guess we are never free from the past, it either shapes us for the future and we carry a part of it inside us at all times..I hope someday we are able to separate it from that dark corner of our heart and just revisit it only when we want and need to 🙂🙂

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