Two Faced

You will never beat me,

So please don’t even try.

I could choose to hurt you,

To really make you cry.

But I’m the better person,

Of that I have no doubt.

So just carry on with your bullshit,

Because you’ll never drive me out.

(Originally Posted 02.06.2019)

Ode To A Cockroach

You have no heart

You have no soul

Just crawl back

Into whatever hole

You came from

And die, motherfucker, die

(Originally Posted 03.08.2019)


You’d never burn in hell

Would you?

You’re far too cool for that

Shame, really

As it’s all you deserve

For being such a twat

Slow Clap

Well done you.


I really am

so pleased.

That’s another

innocent person,

you have brought

to their knees.

You’ve achieved

legendary status,

To that we

can all attest.

For when it comes

to fucking people up,

You really are

the best.

RSV P(iss Off)

What are you
inviting me for?

After all
this time

I was sure you
had eradicated me

From the
family line

Well, let me save
you the bother

I wouldn’t even
want to come

Not unless I’d
get two free shots

With a fucking
sawn off shot gun


Tell all
the lies
about me
you like

Spin your
of spite

But half
truths won’t
make people
like you

And they
don’t make
you right

The Time Waster

I cannot
after all
this time
I’m still
stuck in
your trap.

putting up
with your
bullshit and
to all
your crap.

If I have
to spend one
more minute
with you
I think
that I’ll
be sick.

have I
wasted my
time on
such an
little prick.

‘My Dear’

You, my dear, are a cunt.

I'll maybe never have the courage to tell you to your face. 
But that doesn't make it any less true.

I will never forget what you have done to me.
I will certainly never forgive you.

Your words - like daggers.
Your tears - like acid.
Your heart - like stone.

They mean nothing to me.
You mean nothing to me.

For you, my dear, are a cunt.



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