Sad Songs

I play them too often nowadays

Just to feel the pain

It’s better then feeling nothing

Again and again and again…

Random #54

‘So you can wipe off that grin

I know where you’ve been

It’s all been a pack of lies…’

Mix Tapes

You could just say how you feel

He said

Instead of sending me a song

But these folks are professionals

She said

And I’d only get it wrong

‘Slash & Burn’

Skin somewhat healing

Yet I’m still left reeling

As my heart slowly withers

Is there a more appealing

Way of coping with this feeling

Other than by using scissors?


An artist for the ages

Your words leave me floored

What else is there to say?

Other than please, give me more

Random #38

‘Have we enough to keep it together?

Or do we just keep on pretending,

And hope our luck is never ending…’

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