The Asylum Called – They Want Their Jacket Back

If only one day

He’d answer back

Instead of just little

Old lunatic me

Shouting into the black

Into The Wind

As my life passes me by

I lose the will to even try

So I raise my hands to the sky

And scream why me, you arsehole, why?

(Originally Posted 07.12.2020)

A Common Law Wife

For someone who never married

He said

You write about it often enough

Perhaps I was wrong all those years

She said

His proposals to rebuff

The Disengagement Party

I saw you looking

Over dinner

Your smile discreet

Hers a winner

I realised there

Was something more

When she sashayed

To the dance floor

I knew it then

In revelatory style

It was obvious we’d never

Walk down the ailse

(Originally Posted 17.08.2020)

#9 The Nurse

It was she

Who stopped my hands from shaking


Who stopped my head from aching


Who stopped my voice from quaking

So why can’t she stop

My heart from breaking?


You say you’re ever loving

Yet your cruelty holds no bounds

If you care as much

As they tell me

Then why do you make me frown

Left Guessing

Time moves on

Yet I’m stood still

Fading away

Losing the will

As each second

Passes me by

I can’t forget

Or stop asking why


I wish I could
take your plaudit

But I just write
what comes to me

My inability
to self edit

Laid bare for
all to see


What did I do
to deserve this?

Why did this
happen to me?

Where will
I end up now?

Who is coming
to save me?


Why can’t I trust myself,
like I trusted you?

Why can’t I protect myself,
like I protected you?

Why can’t I love myself,
like I loved you?


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