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  1. I wish i had the answers for you (if they are needed by you)
    I know I have my issues way more than I’m willing to face
    In this society I break away just that much more (shutting out more)
    I’m not willing to continue a fight anymore
    Not want exposing any to my infliction’s anymore….
    I know…such a selfish whore……
    I can give no more…
    peace me flowic friend…thank you for letting me share…(hugs)

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  2. We don’t know what we’ve done
    to deserve bad things in our life
    maybe we don’t need to know
    and this is all part of being alive.

    Bad things happen all the time
    we also aren’t able to know why
    it will serve best toward our way
    to realize it won’t help just to cry.

    Pretty uncertain it is our future
    concerning what will take effect
    wanting to have everything superb
    without any mistake or any defect.

    We want to be saved from darkness
    everything is broken and too apart
    but you can be saved if you’d like it
    if to God you commend your heart.

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