Something Old / Something New

I wandered lonely as a cloud

Screaming the words fuck you out loud

As, like the night, she walked in beauty

I wished someone would just come along and shoot me

As I, in the wood, took the road less travelled

I sat and cried as my mind unravelled

And as we talked between the rooms

I closed my eyes and succumbed to the fumes

13 Replies to “Something Old / Something New”

      1. Very good, that’s how the best things come to life πŸ™‚ I wrote something about that recently.. I would tag you but I don’t know how that works here πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you very much my friend! πŸ‘
      I’d love to say I was trying to juxtapose the classic with the modern or to highlight the call and response of the old and the new – but really I was just experimenting / messing about and this just sort of happened… 😁
      I’m glad you liked it though! πŸ–€

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