If life’s
a bitch

And then
you die

Then what’s
the fucking

Just flip
the switch

Let out
a sigh

And roll

13 thoughts on “Exasperation

    1. roflmfaololololololol 🀣.

      That’s genuinely a sound plan! πŸ˜†.

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  1. Another joint? You crazy! I’ve already smoked two in a row and IΒ΄m high as a kite, IΒ΄ve eaten probably all the food in the fridge also, and now I have to go back to the supermarket and you want me to smoke another one? Yo nuts.
    One thing that we all humans have in common is that we are born and then we die. Some sooner than later but that is the only thing in life that is a fact, we die, all of us.
    I’ve seen death, violent deaths, I tell you it was not a great relief for those ones while they were dying. Actually I should say that it had to be a relief after so much pain.
    Anyways, might as well light another one (joint, great weed this guy had) and then IΒ΄ll go to the supermarket, not IΒ΄m rambling on the comment section of posts. But I still make sense.
    Nice poem as always.

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  2. Exactlyβ€” life’s not a bitch, it’s a lie. It’s a massive over-generalisation, and I hate those!!

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