Fair And Square


And I am

battle is
now over

And my
war has
been won

33 thoughts on “Fair And Square

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    1. Haha!! I’m not sure if ‘beautiful’ is the right word, but they certainly are something!
      Thank you for reading and all your kind comments over the last wee while.
      It really means a lot to me 🖤

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  1. 1,000, wow! What a collection :D. Keep writing 💙

    I’m on just over a third of that at the moment :).

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    1. Thanks Robin.
      I’m glad to have achieved my target and I hope for more to come.
      Thank you too for sticking with me and for all the interesting chats over the last wee while.
      It means a lot to me to have you here 🖤

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      1. Awww, you little charmer! 😉. That’s quite alright and you’re welcome, our chats have been hilarious 🤣. I won’t be going anywhere! :D. I’m very glad if I’ve helped to make some difference, too!

        Interesting that you actually had a target, I can understand it. And amazing that you set it so high, too!

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        1. Thank you 👍

          Yes, I have a thing about numbers (don’t we all) fitting together so I have quite a few wee targets in play.

          It’s most to pacify / amuse myself than anything.

          Glad to have got this one under my belt and that you’re sticking around too! 😁🖤

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          1. Haha! That’s cool you’ve got a bunch of them :).

            I’m not so ‘OCD’ with numbers…I purposefully set TV volumes to a prime number just to annoy people who care (everyone else) 🤣.

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  2. This was quite the busy month for you! Good thing it had an extra day! 🙂 Good for you setting a goal and reaching it. And doing it with such wonderful, thought provoking and enjoyable poems throughout!

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