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    1. I can’t help but mention that I’ve been thinking for a while that your username is so unique! πŸ˜†

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        1. You are! I’ve always wanted to know more about how that works.


        2. I never would’ve thought it was intended literally πŸ˜†.


        3. Omg, I get the name now. I always read it as ‘blind z any girl’… if you can believe that! That’s why it always stood outβ€” it made no sense lol. I’m so glad I commented on your name haha.

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        4. I actually just googled how blind people use computers and phones etc. Now I’m messing about with voiceover mode on my phone! It’s fascinating. And because my phone is in French language (to help me with learning French), my phone is speaking French back at me! 🀣. I can even turn the screen completely black. I’m considering learning to use my phone like this!! It would save so much battery power and would really confuse people! 😁.

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          1. Lol. I have not been blind for really long so am still learning how to use technology and all the apps. No one to teach me so I teach myself 😊

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            1. Wow, I admire your sense of humour then!! Just got to see it as another challenge to overcome!

              Really, no one to help you?


              1. My husband helps me a bit but he doesn’t understand all thevtechnology oroperly. Olus he is busy and I cannot keep calling on him to come and help me. We are both in wheelchairs. I am like I am through cancer, though am now in remission.

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                1. I see. I’m sorry to hear that, you’ve been through a hell of a lot. It’s so cool that you’re writing.

                  It doesn’t seem right that you have nobody to help you with shopping and things.

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                    1. I’m glad to hear that! I was just reading some of your posts and read the one about the Tesco order.

                      I’m hoping that you get some volunteers to help you through the recent NHS recruitment. I’m one of the volunteers too.

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                    2. Thank you, it’s really no trouble for me to volunteer πŸ™‚. I have a car as well, so I’m hoping to help people in your kind of situation.

                      I registered last week, but I haven’t heard back yet about actually starting. If you lived in Reading, I’d help you now!

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                    3. Oh bless you. No we live in North Lincolnshire. The council brought us some milk last week but then wevgot that dekivery slot last night so we will manage now

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                    4. Cool. That’s great the council helped a bit. The shops have really calmed down now that they are forcing people to stand in huge lines! You’re missing out on that at least! 😁

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                    1. I can imagine! A lot of challenges to deal with simultaneously. It must be so frustrating struggling to get order slots!

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                    2. Fucking hoorah! Lol 😁. Now it’s your fucking turn to panic buy!! Buy the shop out lol.

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                    3. For a second I thought you might be offended by the swearing, then I remembered the blog that we’re commenting on 🀣.

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                    4. Hahahaha 🀣. I have to go now and eat, it’s been fun chatting! Look forward to chatting again sometime πŸ’™

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            2. That’s awesome you’re just learning by yourself though! I imagine it must be so satisfying to figure out how to do each thing one by one and regain that independence.


                1. I can really believe that! I’ve probably been replying faster than you can deal with at the moment…πŸ˜†. Sorry.

                  Keep working at it. πŸ€—πŸ’™

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  1. Hahaha! You relate to autism too? Awesome!!

    Oh man, I used to be soooo bad with that too. So so bad. But I managed to learn it somehow haha. I think part of it comes from thinking nahh they wouldn’t want to kiss me, as well as just not knowing when is the time as you say. But still, a man is meant to lead, being a woman is the easy part!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰

    Now as with everything else, I literally just go ‘fuck it’, and it usually works out!!

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