I think you feel

The way I do

That your heart beats

Like mine does too

That your mind wanders

On the same path as me

That you also dream

Of when you’ll be free

15 thoughts on “Inkling

  1. “that your mind wanders on the same path as me” ….damn. this little charmer of a sentence/phrase/lyric is my jewel of the day. I love how it flows off the tongue through my imagination. I could cozy up to that one verse all day.
    Thank you for that.

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          1. I wonder sometimes, if I put this down, like I did years ago, could I walk away with my sanity? Or, has releasing it out into the wild, taken it, and it’s now gone by the wayside…

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  2. Just a warning… I’m going on a reading adventure and you are next. Be prepared for an increase in likes. If you see John from JOP around, I think he’s on one too.

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