She betrayed me again today

The little bitch

She always wants what I do not

Now I must fix

Her egregious mistake

Before both of us get caught

20 thoughts on “Disconnection

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    1. Thanks!
      It’s interesting reading people’s comments – I kind of had a regret of a one night stand theme kind of going on in my head when I wrote it, but it seems most folks think it’s about murder! 😬😁

      I love that though – how words and poems can mean different things to different people. Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time I’d written something without a definite idea of what it was about! 😉🖤

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      1. Yes, that one-night-stand regret definitely stood out for me! Could see how it’s also interpreted as hasty murder plans tho 😉 often the more implied message gives much more varied meanings! ❤ another masterpiece of yours. 😀

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