Random #76

‘Thou Shalt Think For Yourselves’

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        1. It sure does – apart from the title perhaps! 😬😁

          Believe it or not, it was our little chat the other day that inspired me to post this!

          I was thinking about how most (organised) religions have set ‘rules’ by which their followers are encouraged to live. I was wondering (being of no religion) if I had any such ‘rules’ that I encourage myself to live by … and I remembered this song.

          I haven’t been able to stop playing it since! 😉😁🖤

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          1. I was wondering if the title would come into play. It didn’t seem like it would and then he mentioned it at the end. The fact that you said “perhaps” leaves the door of opportunity open though 😳🤣

            And if these are your rules, you have more than some of us religious folk 😉😄

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