You can tell me all you want

That you can hear him

But I’ll never believe it’s true

For if he was talking to anyone

From the ‘other side’

Then it would be me, not you


40 thoughts on “Sceptical

      1. I’m going to have to look that up to make sure 🤔
        I can’t imagine Mary Poppins as a porno. Do they have musical pornos?
        I could say the same about you.

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        1. I should do my homework before saying who I’d make contact with from the afterlife. Marilyn looks such a sweetie but Mary? you never know what’s hiding underneath M. She looks clean and wholesome. Think she wears a hat. That indicates a virgin, doesn’t it? Skip’s nodding……

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          1. I agree. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. I could imagine her as a serial poisoner.
            As for her virginity, the way she smiles at numerous chimney sweeps I doubt it. Poppins was a fun time girl.

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            1. Poppins was a fun-time girl
              Killed sweeps all serially
              She laid them all did Poppins lass
              And lost virginity…

              With Bertie
              Then Johnnie
              Then Alphonse
              Then Frederick
              And so on…….

              And had 45 children…….

              I do go on….

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