Aiming Higher

What if your best

Isn’t good enough

What if things

Shouldn’t be this tough

Maybe it’s OK

That I want more

And I deserve

What I’m asking for

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        1. 🀣🀣🀣. Yeah it’s harsh on Denmark, their story was amazing. It would’ve been the best possible loss if they’d won.

          Actually it wasn’t that unconvincing, England had a lot of attempts overall and the most on target attempts I remember seeing and certainly in the tournament (10). A lot more than Denmark had, plus Danish players were diving too! England have also overcome the barrier of accomplishing the historical feat. I think they should handle the pressure better after this.

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                    1. Haha! πŸ˜‚

                      Oh, I dunno… I’m hopeful of a good result myself.

                      Either way, I think a lot of the pressure that has been applied to England teams in years past just doesn’t resonate with this team now. A lot of them were barely born in 1996, let alone 1966.

                      They seem to me like young lads who are just enjoying kicking a ball about a park… And that’s quite joyous to watch in itself – irrespective of the result on Sunday πŸ‘πŸ–€

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                    2. Haha! Just another example of the influence on language from across the pond, I guess…

                      For me, I meant it literally – they play (and enjoy it) as if they are playing in a ‘park’ as you would when you’re a kid. Just kicking ball for fun, as opposed to playing on a ‘pitch’ as a professional job – with all the pressure that that entails πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ–€


  1. If it is your best then it is good enough πŸ˜€ What if, such a strange combination of words, what if what if didn’t exist would we find another way to say, what if. Want, deserve? only you know that.

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  2. What if your best can always improve; what if things are just rough; maybe its okay;& i’ll say , for right now just be good enough.

    My poetic response to this old post as it had triggered me. I’d do this to myself all the time; wrecking my mind with what if’s– as it was so automated to a “life”..the same one i chose to dormantly live ;but reality is, everything is of course.

    Id beaten myself to shit for what(shrugs)

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