Harsh Truths

I used to think

I was pale

And interesting

Now I realise

Not only

Could I do with a tan

I am actually

Just dull as fuck

30 thoughts on “Harsh Truths

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      1. It’s worse when your ex called you boring once so now it’s confirmed 😔 but then I think I’m not selling myself as some big ball of entertainment. I’m a fucking grandma inside this 28yr old body. I like going to bed early and waking up to see the sunrise and drink coffee. That’s my excitement right now in this life and Fuck you if you think that’s boring. You know?

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        1. I certainly do. There’s been plenty of times in my life I didn’t think I’d be around to enjoy another sunrise or drink another pot of coffee so I’ll be fucked if I won’t enjoy each and every one of those now! 👍

          Oh, and that person is an ex for a reason (most likely more than one) by the sounds of it. Screw them!


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