Nothing can bring me

Down today

All my pain

Has gone away

Wherever I go

You’ll hear me say

Thank fuck for Prozac

Hip hop hooray!

19 thoughts on “Tremulous

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    1. This seems wise in your situation!

      It’s so weird how trigger-happy they are with them. Like depression is a normal reaction to challenging circumstances. It just comes down to how chronic/severe it is and how many options you have available. They should be a last choice rather than first!

      They can be really useful for some people but they’re becoming a joke. Or a tool to be used to say “you’re not accepting treatment”.

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      1. FRully agree. They handed them out like candy and… let’s see if I need the things first!

        Especially… my brain at that time was putty. I can still get silly over tiny things but so close to the actual event, I was extremely vulnerable.

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