Random #242

‘And every time I scratch my nails down someone else’s back I hope you feel it.

Well, can you feel it?’

By A Thread

The problem is

If I lay down

I’d no longer have an excuse

If I just stopped

And my guard dropped

Then all hell would break loose


If I
to see

to start


I lay


(Originally Posted 14.09.2020)

The Chosen One

I have long wanted to end it all

But you were always so full of purpose

As most can attest

Fate is a fickle mistress

But did she really have to curse us?

Do You Hear Me?

I’m still angry

You see

That you died

Before me

It’s just not

The way

It was meant

To be


(Originally Posted 21.08.2020)

Random #230

‘Late at night I can hear your voices
Talking shit about all my choices
You would think you’ve known me forever
Just because you know my name…’

Soon Enough

I hear you have moved on since then

And got yourself a job

I wonder when others

Will see your true colours

And agree you’re a fucking snob

Supercilious Bint

Carry on ‘studying’

For your Mickey Mouse degree

But just know whatever happens

You’ll never be better than me

(Originally Posted 26.06.2020)

‘Take All That Away, And What’s Left?’

I never did thank you

For teaching me

How to respond

To insincerity

I have never been happier

Than the day I realised

That sealing up

Your crypt for good

Meant you would die inside

Grief Vampire

Paltry, trite sentiment
Faux hurt and pain
Superficial, artificial compassion
Feigned sadness and tears

You’ve got no fucking idea 
How this really feels
Just piss off back to your crypt
And leave me in peace

(Originally Posted 15.03.2019)

The Grudge Still Holds

We may not have spoken

For three years now

All since I cut you

Out of my life

But please believe me

When I say

That my anger

Still runs rife

Slow Clap

Well done you


I really am

So pleased

That’s another

Innocent person

You have brought

To their knees

You’ve achieved

Legendary status

To that

We can all attest

For when it comes

To fucking people up

You really

Are the best

(Originally Posted 09.03.2020)

You Hypocrite

Look out for each other

That’s what you said

Be considerate and kind

Well you never did

When you left me for dead

Whilst I slowly lost my mind

Nowhere Near Over

You don’t know how I feel

You don’t have a fucking clue

And if you think

We’re in the pink

Then I’ve got news for you

The Tirade

Don’t stop me now

I’m on a roll

Saying my piece

Letting it all go

It was you who did this to us

You see

You are the arsehole here

Not me

The Blame Game

So who’s fault is it then

Yours or mine

Who was it that took this

Over the line?

Was it me

With my brutality

And supposed lack of rationality?

Or was it you

And your crew

With fuck all else with your time to do?

Either way it doesn’t matter

As the line has now been crossed

It’s just a shame that we’ll never know

Which one of us won or lost


I’m not proud of what I did

Nor am I happy with what I said

But if you had been kinder

And not some whiny fault finder

Then your eyes needn’t have bled

‘Half The World Away’

Life would have been so different

Had you never moved away

We could still be together now

Enjoying every day

But that’s not what happened, is it?

When you fucked off and left

Saying that you needed more

Couldn’t stand to feel oppressed

Well I’m glad things worked out for you

That all your stars aligned

But what I cannot ever forgive

Is that you left me behind

That’s A Promise

If we are out

In the dead of night

And by chance

Our eyes should meet

What happens next

Will not be short

And it certainly

Won’t be sweet

A Selfish Cunt

Call yourself a friend

When you left me here alone

When you couldn’t even be bothered

To visit or lift the phone

Call yourself a friend

When you all you did was make me frown

When you were only happy

If you were putting me down

Call yourself a friend

When you never gave me any advice

Well I know what I’d call you

And it isn’t very nice

#11 The Footballer

You throw your cups and your insults

Because of the colour of my skin

I’ll just keep scoring goals

And celebrating with a grin

Small Talk

I can’t take any more of this

You’re really hurting my head

So please stop talking

And just start walking

Leaving me the fuck alone instead

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