At one time
I would have
said yes

But the
desire now
I no longer

Should you
ever try
your love
to profess

To this
inside I
would confess

Perpetual Brightness

This heat is exhausting,
It’s too much for me to bear.
My feet feel like they are on fire,
Sweat dripping from my hair.

I sit and pray for some relief,
Perhaps a cool calming breeze.
Something to help me ease the pain,
A salvation from this awful disease.

Pretty Sure

I’ll look again,
if you like,
but I’m pretty
sure there’s none.

Fun, happiness,
joy, laughter,
I’m pretty sure
they’ve gone.

Pieces of Me

Batter me,
Shatter me,

I don’t matter, me.

Clatter me,
Scatter me,

I just don’t matter, me.

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