A Forgone Conclusion

nice of
you to
be kind

pay me
any mind

For I
am just
a cause

As into the
pyre my

23 thoughts on “A Forgone Conclusion

                1. Brilliant piece my friend.

                  I love the style of your longer work. Your sentiment is sensitive, your tone is often humorous and your talent is impressive.

                  The whole make up debate is quite an interesting one. I think, sometimes, the easiest inference to make is that people who wear it are doing so to attract or impress another (and indeed that’s sometimes the case).

                  For me, without getting too deep about it, I think it’s more that it covers the (physical) imperfections I see so my confidence to either present or mask (depending on the situation) my (emotional) imperfections is increased.

                  It would be great to be able to do that without the help of an external aid but, I suppose for Godless folk like me, it’s either a case full of Mac or a pint or three of Screaming Peaches that allow us to achieve it!!


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  1. IΒ΄ll give you my strange perspective, IΒ΄good at being a fuck up. I assumed it so IΒ΄m fine with me. Although there are a lot of things I do right. Maybe not enough for sure, but that is me. I don’t need a girlfriend nor a bunch of friends nor a lot of money since IΒ΄ll probably spend it and be broke again as of today, so being a fuck up is part of me. I rarely do things that actually most people canΒ΄t or are not willing to do, that I know, but they only happen when itΒ΄s extremely necessary. So be good with yourself. As I say, “Know what you know and know what you don’t know” starting from that point…..

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