Little Sister

I am not
who you
think I am

So please
don’t look
up to me

If you
only knew
the truth

You’d cut
down our
family tree

5 thoughts on “Little Sister

  1. Family trees are often diagrams of who to avoid. Maybe that’s just my family.

    Anyway, whoever is looking up to you (besides me) has every right too! 🙂
    *insert picture of that guy with the “CHANGE MY MIND” sign*

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    1. Pretty sure that’s not just your family my friend. I feel the same.

      Sadly I think it’s too late for my sister (I can do no wrong in her eyes it seems) but I’m sure I could change your mind easily enough.

      Just keep reading my friend, keep reading. My dark times will soon return I’m sure.

      No one should be looking up to me 🙄🖤


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