Gone Since September

Life gets a little easier

Day by day

As the worst of the heartache

Fades away

But the ostracism

That never ends

Although I’ve done all I can

To apologise and make amends

3 thoughts on “Gone Since September

  1. Aw I really felt that! That’s a tough, horrible feeling. It will indeed continue fading 🙂.

    More compassion and forgiveness in the world certainly goes a long way too, though. And for yourself these experiences only make you even more forgiving of other people 💙.

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    1. A stunning demonstration of this is how incredibly unforgiving Most people are on the roads. It’s really shocking how uncomfortable people get at having to wait even a moment for a car to turn in the road, for example. Which isn’t even necessarily or always a ‘mistake’. It’s probably controversial to say other people should be more forgiving, as it would make personal pain less when you make mistakes, but it’s genuinely true.

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