6 Replies to “Wise Words”

  1. I might burn in hell though……. but a very true statement you made. I hold on to my father now that my mother is gone, and he actually holds on to me. He does call me which that in itself is weird, I always called mommy not him. Now, we have us two, a couple of friends from my side and he has other people from his side, yet at the end of the day he actually calls me, still trying to process it knowing how he is. Just calling me to talk about what you ate today, you liked this or that girl, just normal things that I had never talked witht his guy. I knew he loved me he just doesnΒ΄t express it thatΒ΄s it. I have no daddy issues, but is kind of weird again for me to listen and have a conversation with him about this or that, we are just trying to adapt to not having his wife(my mom) for over 50 years.
    So I wenΒ΄t a bit off the grid on that comment.

    Point being- He and a few other people is what matters, the rest are secondary residue. DonΒ΄t pay attention.

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  2. I agree :). And I look forward to the day! Oh ho

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