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    1. Yes, unfortunately, it happens :(. I met somebody last year whose dad is a narcissist. They and their mum were just waiting for him to die. I tried to help get her out of the abusive situation, but she was focused on other things, getting herself out of it through professional success. She cut off contact with me some time ago. It’s clear to me that the abusive environment has affected her own psychology a lot.

      So yeah, the ‘dark triad’ of personality traits are a real problem. Less so a problem when the children are similarly psychopathic I imagine, but that’s not always the case. Psychopaths do marry empaths, and maybe even prefer them.

      It’s similar to how emotional PTSD occurs in autistic families. There are overlaps between narcissism and aspergers for example, and I’ve had the misfortune myself of growing up as a sensitive empathetic person amidst a family of cold people (besides one brother).

      I would bet that most cases of child abuse etc stem from situations like this. The percentage of people with ‘machiavellian’ (dark triad) traits is disturbingly high, actually (around 10% or more). I listened to a great podcast episode about this.

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