Timerous Beasties

I picture

I see

that old
oak tree

a book

on your

of us


23 thoughts on “Timerous Beasties

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        1. Wow, no one has ever asked me that before – I have no idea! πŸ€”

          Alternative perhaps? Realist?
          Maybe just… bad? πŸ˜‰

          I’d be genuinely interested in what other people think. Perhaps I should do a poll… 😁

          What would you say it is / what makes you ask? πŸ–€

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          1. Wow! I elicited a long response! I feel like a million bucks! So, I showed your blog to a friend and asked him for an opinion about your blog and others, like Her Mourning Coffee and Poe Eternal. This was his verbatim response. “Your sad makes me sad which makes me happy. My sorrow combined with your sorrow makes me happy.” I translated this with friends as “Misery loves company”

            Other discussions we had included, Goth is blacks and greys, Steampunk is shades of brown.

            A survey would be really nifty.

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            1. I sometimes do long responses!! 🀣

              That’s funny that you picked that up from your friend. I actually think that ‘Misery Loves Company’ would be a great title for my blog! 😁

              Yeah – there’s definitely more ‘goth’ in my writing than ‘steampunk’ by your definition – and in my blog composition. I suppose the stark black and grey colour scheme are not done entirely by accident.

              I’ll maybe see if I can formulate some sort of poem to act as a survey and see what other folks might think.

              Facinating stuff πŸ˜πŸ–€


    1. That’s me all over πŸ˜†. The thing is, how do you smoothly transition from the state of reading a book, to kissing somebody? It seems to require some kind of quick-fire smalltalk. Which I am hopeless at. So no kissing 😫.

      Though I now know the answerβ€” if you’re straining to make smalltalk, get the hell out of there!!

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